Thursday, July 14, 2011

...the Euro-zone can't fall apart this July, or this August

...because we're all out on decadently long vacations!

This year, since I'm not actually working again just yet, I'll be gone with the kids for a month. My husband will be back in Paris for a brief week that I'll spend in La Rochelle with my in-laws. Before that week we'll visit the Aveyron and the Mediterranean, and after that week we'll be back in Brittany. I'll bring the computer to write, although I'll be largely off the communications grid. OK, just the non-mobile-device Internet. My plan is to have lots of great things to post here when I get back.

In honor of Mademoiselle's eight-month birthday, I have (finally) written about her birth in a post that will auto-publish on August 2. So check that out if you're not on vacation yourself. I'll be back in mid-August, and I'll look forward to reading your comments (on my BlackBerry! From the beach!) in the meantime.

Oh, and happy Bastille Day!


Carole said...

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hush said...

Enjoy your time away!!!

Sylvie said...

Bonnes vacances!

caramama said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

And happy Bastille Day to you... or as I call it, my birthday! Someday I'll be in Paris on my birthday to see the fireworks... someday...