Monday, March 28, 2011

Nighttime in the City of Lights

Damn you, time change! Europe "sprung forward" yesterday morning, and my exhausted but no longer feverish child needed to go to bed as early as possible this evening, but refused to because it was still light outside.

"Je ne veux pas dormir! Je ne veux pas qu'il fait jour!" he repeated over and over, angrily and grammatically incorrectly. My husband and I were both too weary to correct his non-use of the subjunctive. First he refused to take a bath, then he compromised and insisted that Mommy do the bath. Then, once Daddy was kicked out of the bathroom, he started his tantrum over again in English.

"I don't want to sleep! I want to wait for night!"

I patiently pushed the bedtime routine along as best I could, thanking the heavens for our roll-down shutters.

(Reason number 37 I'm happy I live in France: light-blocking shutters are nearly universal.)

He was in his pajamas and we'd almost cleared the final hurdle when I made the mistake of suggesting a particular book for his bedtime story.

"Do you want to read the nighttime book tonight?" I asked, pointing to a detailed picture book of a neighborhood at night. The whining started back up immediately.

Damn. Foiled again.

I ignored it, he finally settled for Hop on Pop, we snuggled in and ten minutes later, he was sound asleep.


paola said...

Yeah, the sun-light at bed time confused my kids too on Sunday night, but I am happy to say, that we have had smooth-sailing so far.

Jac said...

When I read your heading I was expecting a tale of romance, dinner at a chic cafe, a moonlit stroll along the Seine.

Instead, I find that your night time is IDENTICAL to ours.

hush said...

Light-blocking shutters are nearly universal in France? Awesome. "Hop on Pop" is a favorite at Chez hush, aussi.