Sunday, January 02, 2011

One month

I'm experimenting with a new pseudonym for la Petite, Mademoiselle. I don't know whether you all have been finding it as difficult to follow as I have found it difficult to type, but "le Petit" and "la Petite" seems challenging to me. Let me know what you think in the comments.

One month ago right now I was an hour away from going into labor. It feels like an eternity ago now, the final days of my pregnancy, and yet the last month has gone by so fast I'm afraid I missed half of it in the rush.

Mademoiselle has already lost the look of a newborn. She's more alert now, with none of the perpetual sleepiness of the first two weeks. She's no longer tiny, and her legs and arms don't look fragile and alien like they did at birth. She's already controlling and partially supporting her head, eager to look around and take everything in. Her movements are still jerky, however. She still shakes her head in random directions when she wants to nurse, and half the time she turns away from the breast instead of toward it, twisting the corner of her mouth wide open in search of the target.

I felt guilty that I was sitting on the couch writing a blog entry while Mademoiselle sat quietly alone in her baby seat. I can trust her to call me to order, however: she started to fuss, and now she's snuggling into my shoulder while I awkwardly try to type.

I'm barely getting enough sleep, or spending enough time with her, or paying sufficient attention to le Petit, or to my husband. But this month has been simply beautiful, and I know that's the only thing I'll remember (I hope).


Cloud said...

Happy one month birthday, Mademoiselle! (I like the new pseudonym.)

hush said...

FWIW, my second child logged a LOT more time in various places like the bouncer, moses basket, crib, & car seat; so much moreso than her older brother ever did (aka the once-infant boy who would scream unless held). ;) If your Mlle seems to quietly enjoy her me time, then by all means don't feel guilty! It is awesome that you "can trust her to call you to order." ;)

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

@Hush - funny you should mention it, but I just went out and bought a baby swing for Mademoiselle today. My "high-needs" infant of a son would NOT have liked it, I think. My husband talked me out of buying one way back then, and I think I would have just wanted my money back anyway. Heh.

Anyway, she liked it this evening, for about a half an hour, then she fussed and we had to pick her up. So it ain't magic (which is a bit of a relief, actually -- I'm indispensible after all!)

mom2boy said...

Mademoiselle! :) Very nice.