Thursday, January 27, 2011

First cold

Is there anything more cute and at the same time more ominous than a baby sneeze?

Le Petit came home from school with another cold, and I saw it as my maternal duty to catch it before Mademoiselle did so that she could get the antibodies in my milk. Well, despite my best intentions (and probably because of my constant coughing), she's now got the antibodies AND the cold. I feel guilty because le Petit didn't get a single cold for the first nine months or so of his life.

Yesterday evening she started to sneeze, with that precious expression of startled confusion that I so love. Then her tiny nose started to run. By bedtime she was breathing loudly. In the middle of the night, I woke up to her labored breathing and tossing and turning; I nursed her, then lay awake anxiously listening for her to stop breathing altogether.

I know that a cold is annoying, not life-threatening, but at two in the morning the distinction wasn't too clear in my head. I also selfishly wondered how the rest of the night would go. Her breathing eventually evened out and she fell back asleep for a long time, and I did, too. She's still breathing through her nose, so things aren't so bad.

I put her baby swing in the bathroom this morning while I took a shower, giving her the benefit of steam to open up her nasal passages while I chatted with her about hairstyles and beauty secrets. (Should I admit that? Does anyone still believe I was ambivalent about having a girl?) Of course, she's already beautiful ("And don't let anyone tell you otherwise," I insist) and she's still bald, so I doubt either were of any use as of yet.

Here's hoping the ominously adorable baby sneezes pass fast.


hush said...

I think after-born children must have incredibly immune systems after all of the germs their older siblings subject them to. DD was sick for so much of her first year thanks to big bro, whereas he never got a cold until after a year - and he was in daycare, too. Who knows?

Jac. said...

We're in the same boat. DD just came down with her second cold. Her first had us a the hospital the day after Christmas because I was concerned that she couldn't breath and wasn't eating (and she was only 5 weeks). I comfort myself by thinking that maybe when she starts preschool her immune system will be that much better (unlike her older brother who has never really gotten sick until starting preschool this year - he's on the couch now watching yet another Disney movie, home with an ear infection).

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

@Jac - last night was rough, and I spent much of it wondering whether our decision NOT to go to the ER was the right one. We took Mademoiselle to the doctor this morning, and it turns out she just has a cold, no complications, and although she feels a bit warm, she doesn't have a worrisome fever, so it seems like we made the right call (thank goodness). Right now she's sleeping. I hope your DD feels better soon!

@hush - I hope this means Mademoiselle will be healthier in her first year of school. It only seems fair, you know? We were so lucky with le Petit, who didn't even get so much as an ear infection...

Cloud said...

Petunia has been sick A LOT, and yeah, she got her first cold courtesy of her big sister when she was still a tiny little thing. She seems to handle congestion better than Pumpkin did, though, and that plus the fact that I've been through this before means that I've had a lot fewer calls to the nurse line with her. But I've still called them and made them listen to her breathing sometimes! (She's always been fine.)

This is Le Petit's first cold/flu season in a class, isn't it? Trust me, it will be easier next year.