Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dans le pays de maman

Le petit is sick, I'm sick, and the weather is miserable, so we're all home watching Planet Earth on blu-ray today.

The camera flies over the Rockies. "C'est le pays de maman!" my husband tells Le Petit. That's Mommy's country.

Le Petit turns to me and marvels, "Ton pays est très pointu." Your country is very pointy. My husband and I both chuckle.

"Beaucoup plus pointu que l'Alsace!" Le Petit continues. A lot pointier than Alsace (currently his only reference point for mountains).

A little bit later, he runs off to his room to build a waterfall flowing out of his bed with his blanket, and a river across the floor with his pillows. The teddy bears are fishing for salmon, he explains. He carefully places a couple of stuffed animal ducks on the river.

I have to admit, it looks just like chez moi.


hush said...

Aww, he sounds so cute! It will be precious to hear him speak English someday with a (slight?) Fr. accent.

Ruth said...

This Seattle reader is cheering Le petit. He's got Puget Sound down!

Sylvie said...

Just darling!

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

@hush - he's got the accent alright! I console myself by telling me that even if he doesn't end up speaking like a native, that accent just may serve him well(as it did his dad) when he meets the right girl!

@Ruth - we did take him to see salmon running when he was just over two, so maybe he remembers?

@Sylvie - and he still loves "Larry Gets Lost"