Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby journal

La petite is, thus far, less "high needs" than her brother was as a newborn. Which is globally saving my sanity, for I don't know what I'd do with a three-year-old and a baby that will not be put down. Muddle through with my favorite baby carrier, I suppose.

The nights are easier, too, since La petite wakes up, nurses, and usually falls back asleep easily, but she's still nursing a minimum of four to five times a night. She seems to have her days and nights a little mixed up, because her naps can lengthen to three or four hours. And the old advice about "sleep when the baby sleeps" doesn't work for me right now, since Le petit is only in school until eleven-thirty, and on school days I have lunch duty plus half the day alone with both kids before Daddy comes home. I've never been one to deal well with sleep deprivation, and the fractured nights, the post-partum hormones plus a ferocious head cold have me holding on by the skin of my teeth.

But I'm in love. With both of them. When I thought I wouldn't "get" parenting a girl, I was wrong, so wrong. At eleven days old we haven't hit Disney princesses, or mean girls or Gossip girls or whatever bumps in the road may lie ahead, but I don't care, my daughter and I are a team already, I know it. And she looks absolutely adorable in pink.

When I was pregnant, I had nothing but time (and rest!), but I'd lost the inspiration to blog. Perhaps as my belly button disappeared my need to navel-gaze diminished along with it. Now that I'm once again caught in the whirlwind of infant parenting, I have so, so much to say and no time to say it. So I'm going to try to write something every day or two, most often just a few lines, quick and off the top of my head. Thoughts that come to me while I'm nursing La Petite at four in the morning. Things I want to remember, and fish out from the haze of the next few months. I won't spend much time rereading or editing, and I won't make any promises on timing -- who am I kidding, I can't find time to vacuum the floor -- but I'll work on putting out enough that you can glimpse my world right now. And I'll be able to come back and remember it later, when I'm feeling sad that it passed by so fast.


hush said...

Sounds like everyone is doing great at Chez Parisienne! Glad to hear you are loving being a boy and girl mama so far. ;) Good for you for keeping notes. I know my second child's newborn phase went by in a heartbeat and I wish I had written more of it down.

Cloud said...

Hurray for La Petite! This phase will be over before you know it, so good for you for writing things down.

Have you tried a long afternoon walk with La Petite to help her get her days and nights sorted out? Pumpkin had hers mixed up, and that was the thing that helped the most.

Jac. said...

Our DD has days and nights mixed up as well. I'm going to try Cloud's long walk suggestion.

Little girls are lovely! Am going to be reading your blog avidly - I feel like we are living parallel lives.

caramama said...

That time is such a blur! I'm glad you are blogging about it so you'll remember, and so we hear what's been going on!