Monday, November 15, 2010

Still waiting

Anyone who reads me in a reader was undoubtedly confused when I posted, then deleted, something to the effect that I thought I might be going into labor. False alert -- the nausea and frequent contractions disappeared once I curled up on the couch with a few strategically placed pillows and a DVD of "The West Wing." Which is just as well, for I'd honestly like another week to rest up and relax, give my in-laws a chance fully enjoy a trip to Venise next weekend for their 40th wedding anniversary, and give my daughter the opportunity to be a Sagittarius (so we'll raise our ratio in the house).

I decided, however, that it would be prudent to do my end-of-pregnancy bloodwork ASAP, and track down the last of the items I needed from the pharmacy for my suitcase for the hospital. So, in the late afternoon, I hauled myself off the couch and out into the real world, took the Métro one stop to the medical lab, where a distracted woman asked me the very best question of the day while she labelled a series of blood vials.

"You're pregnant, madame?"

I looked down at my enormous belly and wondered if I should trust this person to find a vein.

Then I answered, simply, "Oui."

By the way, new hospital policy is to arrive wearing stockings designed, I assume, to maintain proper circulation in the legs. The only ones they had at the pharmacy were black with lace trim at the top. I'm wondering what in my late pregnancy wardrobe could possibly coordinate with these. A little black dress? Black pumps or strappy sandals? I had to chuckle just a little at the thought that I am expected to wear to the birth something perhaps more appropriate for the conception.

Only in France.

What's your favorite late pregnancy story? And anyone have any brilliant ideas for arranging pillows to avoid nighttime back pain?


collectedorange said...

Good luck with in the final days. I'll offer you my story for a bit of entertainment--I can't laugh about it yet, but I find that others enjoy it in a "at least that didn't happen to me" sort of way.

In short, my younger daughter was born while we were on vacation. In an "only in France" exchange, my doctor approved our trip because we were taking the TGV. Had a great week away but then...waters broke the morning of the day we were due to return to Paris. The moment when I heard "Madame, your baby will be born in Chambery" was surreal to say the least. Now she's 8.5 months old, healthy and wiggly.

So, good luck, and stay close to home!

hush said...

Good luck! I, too, hope you get a Sagittarius. Both me and my DS are Scorpios - I can tell you it is one intense astrological sign under which to be born!

My fave Fin de Pregnancy story: going into labor in the middle of the movie "Zombieland" and not knowing it until it was almost too late to birth my DD in an actual hospital room instead of a parking lot, waiting room, or hallway!

Nancy Bieringer said...

From Nancy in Watertown:

Best wishes, Emily and Arnaud!

I remember as I was about to go into labor with Mark, back in 1985. lots of walking up and down Watertown St. with Ron in very cold temperatures. Two days later, my labor started for real. With Jeff, we had to boot it to Beth Israel Hospital and hit every red light. He was born only 3 hours later! Now Mark is almost 25 and Jeff is 22! Funny how time flies!

Love, Nancy and Ron, your Theurer Park friends.

P.S. The neighborhood is now filled with MANY children and dogs.

Jac. said...

I have nothing about how to arrange pillows to relieve back pain. Am having the same issue with sciatic pain. Am also hoping for a Sag - I'm a Scorpio and I think that would be too much conflict in the house. And I still have a short list of things to get wrapped up.

I think the support hose is funny! I have no end of pregnancy funny stories. My sense of humour seems to have disappeared along with my ankles.

paola said...

Oh, the black stockings totally cracked me up. Hang in there girl!!

I had had a false alarm 2 weeks before Noah was actually born and when on the due date all the signs were there that the moment had actually came, I told ubby we were going to hospital and to get ready. He came out wearing work attire ( good pants, nice shirt, not his usuual jeans or track pants) I warned him that it might take a while and that work was probably out of the question, but he answered that it would more than likely be another false alarm and that he would be going off to work after the hospital confimred it.

Well, I was 8 cms dilated when we arrived at the hospital and hubby was in his work kit and looking pretty uncomfortable. I was still seething wondering how he could have possibly come dressed so inappropriately to a birth ( he was assisitng) and in between contractions was hatching a plan on how to pay the ba..ard back ( yes, I hated him at that moment). Perfectly opportunity came when my waters finally burst. With a mega contraction I was able to kill two birds with one stone, finally breaking my waters and drowning hubby in the process. Ha ha, he was drenched from head to toe!!

Jac. said...

@paola - that is hysterical! And totally deserved. My hubby just laid out his "labor outfit" consisting of green cargo pants and a green t-shirt. I told him that it looked like military fatigues. He told me he felt like he was going into a war zone and he wants to be prepared. Am I the only person whose husband has a labour outfit prepared?

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

@collectedorange - I can imagine that that's the kind of thing that will be funny in, say, 20 years. We speculated, the first time around, that le Petit could have ended up officially Gascon if he'd been born during our weekend in the Gers. And it did cross my mind that la Petite might have been Alsacienne if I'd gone into labor two weeks ago (I, too, got the authorization to go on a long-planned vacation once I agreed to go by TGV). But I'm staying close to home for now, so it looks like she'll just be Parisienne.

@hush - ...and then you discovered that "Zombieland" was a great preview of the first six weeks of parenthood, right? Just kidding...

@Nancy - I can't believe your boys are all grown up!!! Our best to you, too... and I'll send a real message soon, I promise!

@Jac - we may actually be due at approximately the same time, since I just discovered that in France, they calculate your due date at 41 weeks instead of 40. Hang in there, sister! I love that your husband has his outfit all picked out... I'm pretty sure mine shares his feeling of preparing for combat.

@Paola - I love it! Also, making me laugh that hard these days is dangerous. I hope I'm 8 cm dialated by the time I go to the hospital this time around, because that'll mean things went a LOT faster than last time...


Cloud said...

Ugh. Memories of months of sciatica pain just came flooding back. No, I never figured out how to arrange the pillows. I got the best sleep on the sofa, because I could lean into the back.

With my second baby, I was awakened about 5 weeks before she was due by really uncomfortable... somethings... in my belly. It didn't feel like contractions, but I couldn't sleep, and it went on for an hour. I was close to making Hubby get up and take me to the hospital when it finally got better. I also could suddenly breathe more easily. I assumed that the baby had dropped, and thought - huh, it didn't hurt so much last time.

Only when I went into labor 5 weeks+ later, and the doctor reached up and said "I feel a butt" did I realize what I had felt. That was my baby flipping over and going breach.

Other memories from the final month include eating a massive amount of candy corn (it was September and that just sounded good to me) and my husband having the nerve to suggest that maybe I should cut back. I told him that the next time he was 9 months pregnant, he could show me how to do it right.

Jac said...

No longer waiting - our little girl arrived last Sunday.

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

@Jac -- congratulations!!! What exciting news!!!

caramama said...

The black lacy stockings made me laugh! I hope you are able to get comfortable and that you have a smooth, easy delivery!

My best story was when my water broke while I was in the movie theater... seeing a different movie than my husband! Thank goodness my text message got through to his phone from my location on a toilet seat. Good times!

@paola - Great story! HA!

@Jac - Congratulations!!!

r4 card said...

I have nothing on how to arrange pillows to relieve back pain. I'm having the same problem sciatic pain. I am also hoping Sag - I'm Scorpio and I think that would be too much conflict at home. And I still have a small list of things to get wrapped up.