Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alphabet soup du jour

Le Petit is currently learning his letters and numbers. Since I happen to love to point them out to him, sometimes stopping along the street on our walks to decipher the license plates of parked cars, I'm proud to say he knows them at least as well in English and he does in French. Which still isn't all that well: he can recognize numbers a bit better than letters, but nothing yet with anything approaching real accuracy. We're in the thick of learning still, and it's fun.

He's soaking it all in, and sometimes notices letters and numbers in strange places.

The other day, it was the tiny code engraved in the beak of the stainless steel faucet in the bathroom sink.

"Five. Five is for hot water! Four is for hot water, too!" he announced as we were washing his hands (or something approaching this) and I was confused until I followed his gaze.

And that's when we spotted the letter 'A', if I remember correctly, which le Petit also pointed out to me.

"Very good! What starts with the letter 'A'?" I asked.

He thought about it for a second.

"'A' is for... pomme!"

In one sentence, his reasoning jumped from 'A' to 'apple' to 'pomme,' the French word for apple. I was amazed and proud, and just a little worried that his bilingualism was going to leave him hopelessly confused at first. We'll see.


Cloud said...


Pumpkin isn't anything close to bilingual, but she is learning Chinese. And yesterday, on the way home from day care while we listened to a song (in Chinese) about a frog (qing wa), she told me "qing wa starts with F!" I was kind of stumped about how to respond to that... so I just said that yes, frog starts with F.

I wish I could get a map of how her brain is wiring all this up, you know?

Jac said...

Wow, it's amazing to see the little wheels in their brains turning and the leaps that they are making.

paola said...

Noah (who is 6 in Jan) is not showing much interest in reading, which is starting to worry me. He can write his own name and recognizes some letters and the numbers, but he is still really 'young' in more ways than his 3.75 yo sister. The teachers say that this is all normal, but this lack of enthusiasm for literacy is making me nervous seeing next Sept he will be starting school and spending 8 hours a day with his bum on a seat. Sure, lots can happen in a year, but I hope this isn't an indication of his general approach towards learning.

Re bilingualism: Noah has just started English at kinder, which they do in the 3rd year of kinder. He had a great time and the teacher did pick up that he was indeed a native speaker after a few minutes. So far he is enjoying the experience and I feel confident that his Italian teacher will not ruin his funny little Aussie accent in half an hour a week. Well, not until Primary School at least.