Thursday, September 02, 2010

La rentrée

First day of school.

I'm a nervous wreck, le Petit is whining and knocking chairs over on the floor and refusing to eat breakfast. My husband is keeping his cool, thankfully. I'm sure this is the stuff of good memories, some day. I'll make sure to take pictures.

Le Petit is so excited he wants to walk out the door immediately and not wait another long fifteen minutes. I hope he doesn't see how useless and anxious I am. Meanwhile there's kick after kick in my suddenly imposing belly reminding me that in the not-so-distant future we'll be doing this again as experts (I hope).


Keith Eckstein said...

I took The FourteenYearOld to school today;l only to be told that he doesn't start until tomorrow!

Jac said...

Please, please post about how it goes. My DS (three in two weeks) starts pre-school next week. I am already completely nervous.

hush said...

Good luck - and I'm with @Jac - please post how it goes!