Monday, October 12, 2009

Strange moments in transatlantic romance

Recently, my husband was in a meeting at work with an American Big Boss who despite having spent considerable time in France as an ex-pat, wasn't altogether comfortable working in French. My husband happily agreed to make his presentation in English. He never misses an opportunity to show off his fluent and American slang-laden English, which he perfected over the eight years he lived in the States.

"No problem," he offered casually.

"It's easy for him," his direct boss added, "His wife is American."

Outed! My husband thought. So much for impressing anyone.

The Big Boss looked at him oddly.

"So you married an American, huh?" he asked, then paused and added cryptically, "Now why on Earth would you do that?"


Cloud said...

That's pretty funny.

When Hubby first introduced me to his parents, during our first tour of New Zealand, his father pulled him aside and said "you do realize that she's an American, don't you?" I have never figured out what that meant, particularly since my in-laws are delightful people and treat me marvelously.

Isabelle said...

Très drôle !!!
The American big boss must be holding some strong grudge against his wife...

caramama said...

Ha! That's too funny! I wonder if it is because he likes the french women better or he has issues with american women...