Friday, October 30, 2009

Potty, schmotty

I know I said I wouldn't share any potty training stories, but this one is both too good to skip and passes the I-wouldn't-hesitate-telling-it-to-a-potential-daughter-in-law test.

We are currently in the constant-polling phase of potty training. I propose, and often le Petit is willing to go--it still hasn't lost its novelty--but the idea doesn't occur to him on his own. So I ask and sometimes he agrees, if he isn't already doing something he finds more interesting than sitting on a blue plastic ducky seat perched on the "big potty," meditating on bodily functions and waiting, listening to maman's encouragement while singing songs and playing with the handle of the toilet plunger.

Here's an extract from a recent conversation:

"Hey, Little Guy, would you like to go pee on the potty?"

His refusal was clear: "Ca va pas, non!"

That was a very fluent and very français way of telling me to go, err, flush.

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