Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I currently feel like half of my waking hours are passed picking toys up off the floor, especially jigsaw puzzle pieces. One of the (few) positive sides of having a tiny apartment is it forces me to put things away immediately, and that keeps me from feeling like I'm drowning in clutter. As soon as le Petit goes to bed, the toys get picked up off the floor.

I'd like to organize my blog a bit, too, and here's where I need your help. My "Favorite Posts" list has been gathering dust lately and I'd like to update it, but the idea of going back through all my blog posts to put together a new list feels too daunting. And who am I to choose, anyway?

So, the nominations are open: what posts do you think most worthy of sitting on my sidebar? You can leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

(Oh, and to help with the uncluttering of my living room, does anyone in the greater Paris area have a basement or attic that could accommodate my neglected floor loom? You have no idea how happy that would make me.)

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Isabelle said...

The entry from the 26th of February 2009 called "Convoi exceptionnel", really made me laugh, and was wonderfully written, as usual!
So I vote for this one to be in your "best of" ;)