Friday, June 05, 2009

Lectoure chez moi

Remember my Gers dream house that vanished abruptly after an early maman wake-up call?

Well, I've just been to Lectoure and back and I can report that the house is still there. And, alas, it's still not for sale, but snapping a few photos of it is probably more in line with my budget, anyway.

There it is, perched in the heights of Lectoure, eyes planted on the Pyrenees

In good company, huddled next to the neighboring houses, old friends

A balcony looks out over the city walls

From what extrapolating I could do discreetly from the sidewalk, I'm guessing it has a small walled patch of garden. The balcony is just crying for flowerpots with trailing blooms, and I would ditch the satellite dish: when I'm in the Gers, I have much better things to do than watch television, anyway. The foundation and what looks like a windowless bottom floor are built into the city ramparts, and if there are any rooms hidden behind, they would make a perfect wine cellar.

From the name on the mailbox, I'm guessing some lucky British expat currently owns it. I hope they take good care of it for me, and when they are ready to sell (say, a trade for 600 square feet just outside Paris?) they'll look me up.

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