Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Parisienne's dream kitchen, the finale

Ca y est, we're moved back to our kitchen, and I've organized, vacuumed, dusted, and reclaimed the rest of the apartment.

(OK, I confess I still have a pile of cookbooks under the dining room table awaiting some sort of storage solution, but we'll just ignore that detail for the moment.)

For the inaugural family dinner last night I made roasted duck breast, sautéed potatoes, provençal tomatoes, and a lemon tart I had stayed up until a thoroughly unreasonable hour the night before to bake. I love my new stove top and oven, and I'm happy to report that even piled with dirty dinner dishes the kitchen seems twice as big as it was before.

The Great Moving Back In happened to coincide with my dad and step-mom's visit to Paris, so not only was my dad around to eat and celebrate, but he also got to help me drill holes for cabinet pulls. No, there is no such thing as a free lunch, especially not in Paris.

So, as promised, some pictures:

The appliances are still there, but the Darty look is gone! I love the new wood counter top.

The dusty bookshelf is gone, replaced by this cabinet unit

Our spacious porcelain sink, so much better than the old stainless model

A place to display some faïence

Even the fridge looks happier in its new home

I am thrilled, THRILLED with how it came out. Details I was unsure about, like the cabinets that replaced the bookshelf, have turned out even better than I hoped. There are a couple of 'oops', as in any project, of course. The floor tiles, though as attractive and as stain-camouflaging as I had intended, were accidentally ordered with an anti-slip coating meant for outdoor use, so on bare feet they feel a bit sandpaper-like and they grip and shred disposable mop pads. But as accident-prone as I am, it probably isn't so terrible a thing to have. Also, we've found that controlling the water pressure with the new faucet takes a delicate touch, but even a dream kitchen has a learning curve.

So hooray!

Now, if anyone can suggest a convenient way to install a shelf in the 60 centimeters above the radiator in between the new cabinets and the door, please let me know.

Now that we have a kitchen, I'm embarrassed to admit we're heading off for ten days of vacation in Spain and the Gers. Yes, I am truly spoiled.


Isabelle said...

Yes, it's a great kitchen! Very "Campagne chic".
I'm sure that you think it was worth all the trouble...

I'm green with jealousy ;)

caramama said...

Oh, I absolutely love it! Every picture, I was going, "Oh, I love the floor. Oh, I love the counters. Oh, I love the cabinets. Oh, I love the sink!" Apparently, I love everything. Great job!

Have a great vacation. I'm totally jealous! :-)

silene said...

I am extremely jealous of your new kitchen. I had the same reaction as caramama - I love each component. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - you know, when you get back from vacation... (*turns green with envy*)

Sylvie said...

Wonderful! Especially appreciate what you've done given the constraints of Paris apartments. Love the new sink!