Thursday, April 09, 2009

One proud (o)mama

How many toddlers do you know who, before their second birthday, can pick out President Obama from a photo of the G20 leaders?

Well, this proud mama is here to tell you that le Petit can. I'd talked to him often about President Obama back around the inauguration, and pointed out his picture on the cover of the Economist. Actually, le Petit, in the adorable way he uses to learn words, grabbed my finger and repeatedly pressed it to the cover while I repeated "O-ba-ma." That was over two months ago, so I was surprised when one day a couple weeks back le Petit caught sight of the latest issue of the Economist, pointed at our president who was again on the cover, and said "Oh-ba-ba!"

I've decided he's a genuis and well on his way to a brillant career in the diplomatic corps. This week, le Petit was even smart enough to show off in front of my mother-in-law: he spied a copy of the Nouvel Observateur on the floor next to their bed and pointed to the cover.

"Oh-ba-ma!" (His pronounciation has improved somewhat.)

We then showed him a picture of all of the G20 leaders and, after a bit of hesitation, he pointed Obama out with no problem.

(OK, in the first picture I showed him, I'll admit that he pointed out Sarkozy first. An inexplicable confusion from our point of view, but I guess it does at least show some patriotism for his other country of citizenship.)

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caramama said...

That's awesome. He's a supergenius!

I tried to teach my girl Obama around the election, but she kept looking at me and saying "Oh mama" or "Oh mommy." Hubby thought this was very funny and encouraged it to the point where I gave up trying to straighten her out on who Obama was.