Monday, March 09, 2009

Un air de famille

"Qu'est-ce qu'il ressemble à votre épouse!" "How he looks like your wife!" exclaimed a neighbor as my husband and le Petit got into the elevator one weekday morning. Le Petit, realizing that once again he was the center of attention, looked up at the neighbor in question and pointed at a model ship kit he was holding.

"Boap! [boat]" declared le Petit, never one to miss a chance to show off his ever-expanding

"Et il parle comme votre épouse aussi," remarked the neighbor with a laugh. "He sounds like your wife, too."

The neighbor's wife, who was standing next to him in the elevator, glared at him for bringing up what she must have judged a delicate topic. My husband just smiled and nodded, not at all offended, of course. When he told me about the encounter later that evening I thought it was wonderful.

"Boap!" So much easier to say than "bateau." That's my boy.

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