Monday, March 30, 2009

Nature or nurture?

I don't know if Proust would approve, but le Petit eats his madeleines hump-first. Sometimes he just nibbles off the hump and gives the rest to me.

Le Petit is always excited when we walk into the bakery. He doesn't understand why we have to stand in line, and starts to yell "pain!" "pain!" with increasing intensity. I remind him to use his indoor voice, but it is more for form than for anything else. Once outside I rip off an end of the baguette, hand it to him and watch him devour it hungrily.

He already drinks the watery stuff from the top of the petit suisse yogurt containers. How long will it be before he's calculating the correct angle for slicing camembert and expertly wielding a pair cornichon tongs?


Mom in France said...

For us it's the croissant. On our morning drive there is an intersection: Turn right to go down to our village, turn left for nanny & work. Every day, as we approach there is the little voice from the backseat - "Croissant?"

On croissant days (Wednesdays and weekends) we either walk or drive and like Le Petit the minute we are in the bakery Boo has his face pressed to the glass of the case. The pastries are just at his level so it must be torture!

It's become a joke among my friends at work and elsewhere - when one of us really wants something we say "croissant! croissant! croissant!"

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

@MIF - I should try croissants again with le Petit, I'm sure he'd love them. He's into crumpets, of all things, which for some reason we find at the local supermarket. He calls them "booka." I have no idea where that came from.