Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Le Petit has got one of those fever-and-no-other-symptoms things that are both so worrying and yet so common in under-twos.

I worked from home yesterday to take care of him, and found that with my current light workload at the office, I can get a full day's work done in five-to-twenty minute chunks after all. The secret is to turn away from the computer as quickly as possible when le Petit comes up to me with a book or a toy, for the quicker he's distracted and happy, the easier it to get back to whatever I was doing without a tantrum. I'm just grateful I don't have any conference calls until Friday.

His fever is higher today and I'm waiting somewhat anxiously for my pediatrician's office to open so I can confirm that no, there isn't any reason to worry just yet. He doesn't want to eat anything but "appuh" (applesauce) and he doesn't want to let me out of his sight.

I made the mistake of going for a run yesterday evening and leaving him with my in-laws. When I was at the farthest possible point on my running route from home I got a call that he was hysterical and could I come home right away, please? I guess that's one way to get in a good high-intensity cardio workout.

He woke up twice in the first part of the night yelling for maman. It breaks my heart. I wish I could make it better. This afternoon he fell asleep at an unprecedented 12:30 and I'm hoping he'll nap for a good, long time.

On a brighter note, yesterday I handed him his milk and, without any prompting, he casually said "merci." That's toddler savoir vivre for you.


caramama said...

Awww. I hope he feels better soon!

silene said...

Ooh, I hope that fever disappears soon. Sick toddlers are so sad...

The Kitten has graduated from saying "meh" whenever you give her something to pronouncing a full-fledged "meh-ci" as of two days ago and I melt whenever I hear it. Apparently it's easier to pronounce than "thank you", since even when we prompt her in English she still says "meh-ci". If we ever meet our kids can have a very polite, if very short, conversation. :-)