Friday, December 19, 2008

Not that I'm taking it personally

Le Petit says "dada," "baby," "bear," "boat," "au revoir," "encore," "bain," "à plus tard," "all done," "star," "lolo," "chat," "coco," "dodo," "ding dang dong," "croco," "arc-en-ciel" and probably a few other words I've forgotten.

But he does not say "mama." Or "maman." Or "mommy," or anything that refers to me. I briefly thought I might be "baba," but I'm pretty sure I'm just "that woman over there who's been hanging with me since I was born."

I'm surprisingly okay with this. He knows how to get my attention when he needs to, usually by coming up to me and grabbing my finger and guiding me somewhere or leaning on my legs and reaching up with his arms. Or, less often, he heads for something off-limits like the (blocked) wall outlet and grabs at it, smiling mischeviously and watching to see if I'm paying attention.

I like to pretend that it's because I'm usually there when he needs me, so he doesn't have to get my name down just yet. Implausible, you say? Too bad, I'm going with it.

My pride is more damaged when he clamps his hands over his ears while I sing to him while he's sitting on my lap. He doesn't want to me stop singing -- he turns the pages of his songbook and insists "encore!" -- but he plugs his ears tight. I've tried singing more softly, but he does it anyway. Is my voice that bad?

I tell myself that it's just a developmental thing, and he's exploring the sensory experience of muffling sounds. But just in case, I'm holding on to my day job.


Polly-Vous Francais said...

My kids used to cry when I sang to them in the car. "Stop singing, Mommy!" they wailed.

And I was a soprano in a well-respected choral group.

I think for some kids they are so bonded to their mama that they don't need a name to call her, and they also don't want her to change anything about her voice or her demeanor.

Enjoy Christmas with le Petit -- probably the first he'll remember.

Joyeux Noel to all of you!

Shay said...

It could be worse...when I sing along with a CD in the computer, my cat jumps up in my lap and puts her paw very firmly across my mouth.


(I'm sure it's a coincidence but my verification word is "gosuck.")

Anonymous said...

Joyeux Noel, Em!

And I know your singing voice is quite good. Le Petit is just being a picky teenager already. Precocious!

This post made me laugh, and also wonder what (if anything) Tai will call me.