Thursday, December 18, 2008

The magic word

Le Petit's language skills have been taking off. I think he's been averaging one new word a day for the last couple weeks. Today he said chat, or cat, for the first time, and yesterday he pointed at a Christmas ornament hanging from the door frame and said "star," albeit with a silent S. Just after pronouncing a new word, he looks at us, very proud of himself, and starts to clap. Sometimes he says "bra bra bra" in imitation of the "bravo!" we say to congratulate him.

He's like one of those television studio applause signs, but cuter.

Early this week, he learned the best new word since Dada: encore. At first it was just another two syllables repeated randomly, but when he started to practice it in earnest, amazing things started to happen.

Grandma scooped tasty spoonfuls of rice into his mouth more quickly than usual.

Mommy continued dancing and singing Sur le Pont D'Avignon until she collapsed with exhaustion.

Daddy sliced more pieces of pear.

Mommy lifted him up yet again to play with the light switch.

Forget "abracadabra," folks. This is the real deal.

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