Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodnight, Daddy

Every night the bedtime ritual is the same: bath, pajamas, story, lolo. As le Petit snuggles in the big chair with Mommy and the lights are turned off, Daddy comes back in at least one last time to say goodnight. When he does, le Petit leans backward and cranes his neck to see the familiar silhouette appear in the dim light of the doorway.

"Dada! DADA!" If my husband doesn't appear quickly enough, le Petit starts to insist. If necessary, I chime in and our calls ring through the apartment. Daddy is often in the kitchen cleaning up the residual chaos of a toddler mealtime, but he always shows up eventually.

When he arrives, my husband leans over to cuddle le Petit and tenderly wish him a bonne nuit. He repeats "dada dada dada! Au revoir!" as I intone "Good night, Daddy! See you tomorrow." Le Petit responds with his own round of murmured "dadas." Lately he's added a timid "aurvoi." I can't see his face in the dark but I know he's smiling widely. His words made Daddy come back and he must be thinking, finally, a practical application for all this language stuff. Magic!

Daddy curtain calls are frequent. With such an audience, who could resist?

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caramama said...

A few months ago, the Pumpkin did something very similar. She would go "Mmm. Mmmm. Mmmwah!" as in giving kisses every time my hubby would leave the room after saying goodnight. He'd hurry back in for the Mwah part (the actual kiss). She would do it again and again until I finally had to shoo him off and distract her with nursing/bottle.

They are so cute when they do things like that!