Sunday, October 26, 2008

What they really mean when they say your life will never be the same

First it was the sleep deprivation.

Now it is the ambient chaos.

I believe I spend half of my waking hours putting things back where they belong.

Yesterday I surprised le Petit walking into the bathroom with a potato in each hand. I later caught him walking out of the bathroom with a foot scrubber. We find toys under the pillows of our bed and pot lids under the coffee table.

He pulls books off the shelf until he finds the one he wants to read. He walks into the bedroom while we're folding laundry and pulls the folded stacks of clothes to the floor. At naptime, le Petit reaches around from his crib to open the top drawer of his changing table and empties the contents onto the rug.

I've renounced any Martha Stewart-inspired delusions of decor and order. I just sweep through the apartment continuously, shoving some things back onto shelves and dumping others in baskets and boxes and call it Good Enough For Now.

1 comment:

Isabelle said...

The potato scene really made me laugh out loud!
I'm afraid that you won't see the end of a chaotic home for a while... My kids are much older than Le Petit, but they still leave their stuff all around the apartment. Which can be very embarassing when people show up unannounced ;)