Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday mom

Lumps of butternut squash ground into the rug. Brown rice confetti on the floor. Half of a day-old baguette under the high chair, well-nibbled on both ends. Toys everywhere but the playpen, torn magazines strewn about in a corner, lunch dishes on the table, pots and pans in the sink. After putting le Petit down for a nap, I surveyed the debris of the morning before gathering the courage to start picking it all up. Again.

"As much as I'm glad I only work four days a week," I sighed to myself as I started attacking the dishes, "I'm glad I work four days a week."

I love Wednesday. We make a good team, le Petit and I, and from our homemade lunch à deux to our run, run, run, RUN! outings in the park, there are very many reasons my day off is special. But seven days a week, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year? I don't know if I have it in me.

I applaud you, stay-at-home moms. And if you have any hard-won secrets, please share them with me. In the meantime, my blogging break is over, and it's time to try to check another item off the naptime to-do list before it's too late.


Goddess Babe said...

Rice, in fact most foods, is easier to clean up the next day, after it's dried up. (You can sweep it up in the dustpan instead of having it mush and glue itself to whatever you're using to clean.)

Mom in France said...

your sentiment totally cracked me up! I whole-heartedly agree with you; I'm always so happy to wake up Wednesday morning and know that I don't have to rush to work. On Thursdays after a long wednesday I can't wait to get there and have a coffee with colleagues.

also - do your colleagues make jokes about your vacation day in the middle of the week? I never hear the end of it.

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

My boss, when I come in on Thursday morning: "How was your weekend?"

Me, assuming my best 'oh-I-am-so-sick-of-seeing-you-all' expression: "Too short."

caramama said...

It's so nice you've got a day to spend with Le Petit in the middle of the week. Now that the Pumpkin is a bit older, I wish that I could take Wednesdays off from work too. But we just can't do it.

As for food on the floor, our dog takes care of that. We never have to sweep! Not that I'm saying get a dog, cause they are a lot of work too.