Thursday, September 04, 2008

For all I know

To the person who landed on my blog by asking the all-knowing Google "Can a baby be too stubborn to nap?":

Signs point to yes.

I am amused by, and can certainly commiserate with, the handful of people who stumble on this post looking for strategies to combat baby nap refusal. They are probably as stunned and discouraged as I was to find out that no, they don't all spend the first months of life dozing in a baby car seat. A year of parenthood has given me new appreciation for human diversity and individuality, and I know now that no two babies are alike and there are those that refuse to sleep no matter what you do. So put down the sleep expert book and give yourself a break.

You could try this. Or if you are looking for some real sleep advice, look here. It may encourage you to know that le Petit is now an excellent napper: we put him in his crib, and after a brief protest, he plays happily by himself until he falls asleep. (It may dishearten you to know that it took us thirteen months to get to this point, but anyway.)

To the person who found my site by asking Google for "dogs eating pine cones": I'm sorry, but I can't help you there.


caramama said...

My baby Would Not Be Put Down, especially for a nap. We held her for any nap and all naps for the first months of her life. After that, naps were a struggle for a while longer.

Now? At almost 18 months old, she regularly takes 2-long naps in her crib! Wooo Hoooo!!! It will (most likely) get better.

And thank goodness for Moxie to help us through it, right?

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Oh, le Petit was another one of those will-not-be-put-down babies. When I think back at all those silly people who warned me that I'd spoil him by keeping him in the baby carrier, or that somehow he needed to be taught to be independent, if they knew how I hardly can keep him in my arms now!

I could only get him to nap in my arms or on the move for the first nine months, and then slowly things started getting easier. Now naps are (knocking wood) pretty painless.