Sunday, July 06, 2008

Greener part II

This Sunday I renounced all intentions to do housework, laundry, or anything useful. Instead, we met up with my brother- and American-born sister-in-law for a belated Fourth of July picnic on the Champ de Mars at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. We couldn't barbecue, but a roasted chicken and pasta salad, a Loire Valley red wine and camembert reminded us of home (or both of them).

After le Petit's nap, we snuck out for late afternoon trip to Versailles. I went for a run around the Grand Canal while my husband took le Petit to a patch of grass next to the water where he could pick buttercups and clover.

At the end of the canal, I stopped to look back at the château and once again it refused to seem real to me. I wonder if le Petit, who will grow up chasing balls, riding bikes and playing in the grass here every summer, will end up taking it for granted.

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caramama said...

How lovely! Sigh... Paris is so beautiful. I would love to visit again. Someday...