Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And we're off

Ca y est, le Petit walked for the first time this weekend.

He spent Saturday morning leading me around the house, upright and casually holding onto my hands. His posture is still slightly bow-legged and his gait a little jerky, but he already has the stride of a government minister, head up with confidence and self-importance, mouth slightly open as if about to make an important remark to the cameras.

He paused to lean against the china cabinet, and before I realized what was happening, he started off again without me.

"He's walking! He's walking!" I shrieked, and my husband jumped up from the couch to watch. Le Petit walked all the way from the living room across the entryway and into the hallway -- a good two or three meters -- before he toppled and landed on his diapered bottom with a thud and a look of surprise.

We cheered and congratulated him, me in English with a chorus of "Good job! You walked all by yourself!" and my husband in French with "Super ! Tu as marché tout seul !" As much as I've been reassured he'll have no trouble deciphering the tower of babel he was born into, I sometimes wonder how, but it seemed he had no trouble knowing we were proud.

As he continued down the hall holding onto my husband's hands, I started to cry.

He took a few more hesitant steps a little later, but that was all for the rest of the day, and even the rest of the weekend. In fact as far as I know, he hasn't walked by himself since. I'm glad my husband was there as a witness, because otherwise I'd be wondering if motherly pride is starting to make me imagine things.

It's as if le Petit is still trying to figure out what happened to him. But wouldn't you feel the same way if you'd just jumped off a cliff and accidentally discovered you could fly?


When I mentioned the walking to la nounou yesterday, she told me that le Petit already taken deux petit pas, two little steps, on Friday. But I'm not counting that. They were small, after all, right?


We seem to be headed toward many firsts, all at once. Le Petit has also figured out how to place one object inside another. We spent lots of time over the weekend stacking plastic cups or making them disappear. I said "Top!" and "In!" and "Out!" with pointed enthusiasm and he looked at me and smiled, confused. With great effort and much turning them up, down, around and over, he got three cups inside one another all by himself.

He also showed me, quite pleased, that he can drop a toy in the big empty basket in the entryway and then fish it out again by himself by tipping and reaching. I let him know that I was duly impressed.


The only silver lining of being stuck in traffic for two and a half hours while coming back from a hike on Sunday evening was that le Petit learned how to play peek-a-boo.

I always sit next to his car seat and do my best to entertain him on long trips when he refuses to nap. I held the baby sling in front of my face and with a "Where's Mommy?" encouraged him to pull it away, which I know he loves to do. For the first time he grabbed it and held it in front of his own face.

"Where's le Petit?" I asked, and when I pulled it down to uncover his eyes, he started to giggle.

15 kilometers of laughter and stop-and-go traffic ensued, well-spent.


Stephanie said...

How amazing!!!


Inki said...

That's awesome! Congratulations! I love how you wrote about it, made me feel like I was there :-)

caramama said...

Yeah for le Petit!!! He's learning all sorts of things. Aren't they just amazing?

And good thinking about playing peek-a-boo to entertain him (and you) in the car.