Thursday, June 19, 2008


Suddenly le Petit is obsessed with learning to walk.

It's new, this interest in vertical locomotion. He's long loved to pull himself up and cruise furniture, but whenever we tried to hold his hands and encourage him to walk with us, he'd quickly sink back to a crawl. Made sense to me. Crawling is less hazardous, and with four months of practice under his belt now, rather efficient. I'd gotten used to seeing him grab a toy and wander off on all fours, gleefully banging it along the hardwood floor.

No longer. Now when I put him down on the floor he often holds onto my hands and makes it quite clear that I must help him advance. Then we're off, one foot after the other, still pigeon-toed and with uncertain balance but with so much determination. He chooses where we go, usually round and round from the kitchen to the living room. I'm just along for the ride.

We'll see which one of us is ready to let go first.


Marianne said...

I loved this post- very sweet - and so true, walking is a big change I imagine - the gateway to their independence.

caramama said...

Yeah for le Petit! And good luck to you and your hubby keeping up!