Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sleepwalking, part IV

The Gers will wait. I must [talk about] sleep. My colleagues are all up-to-date since I give them the play-by-play as I try, bleary-eyed, to figure out which button to push on the coffee machine. Café au lait avec sucre looks remarkably like café au lait sans sucre when you're so tired your eyelids are involuntarily twitching.

Sunday night, le Petit decided a big family all-hands meeting was in order from one-thirty to five a.m. Yesterday night he woke up at twelve-thirty and again at five. When he was still wide awake and nursing at six a.m. I decided I'd had enough. My husband stepped in, explained to le Petit that he could stay awake if he wanted, but he need to do so quietly in his bed. And he left him, standing in his crib, where he protested briefly and then... O Miracle! We heard him jumping up and down for a few minutes, with no crying whatsoever, then fell asleep ourselves. When we checked on him an hour later he had fallen asleep.

On his own.

For the very first time.

So I spent the day exhausted but optimistic. Could this be the beginning of a trend? Will he start going to bed as happily and as easily as he now puts up with car rides? Dare I dream?

In the meantime, a colleague wished me a "bonne nuit" with a smirk as he walked out the door today, and another helpfully suggested I try napping during my long commute in public transportation. Which, when I lost an hour yesterday evening and again this morning stuck in the RER commuter train started to look like not such a bad option.

Métro, boulot, dodo. And if two out of three ain't bad?

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