Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had a job interview today. Nothing worth reporting there, I suppose. I have doubts that I did sufficiently well to land the job, but it all depends on who I am up against. I don't intend to blog about work, and software engineering interviews do not make for absorbing narrative anyway.

But as I sat in the lobby of the company waiting, I realized that it was the very first time I've gone to an interview with dried baby food on my shoulder. I did my best to scrape it off: don't want to get Mommy-tracked from the get-go.

While I waited again in the lobby for the second interviewer to show up, I dug in my purse for some reading material and came up with nothing better than a Michelin pocket atlas of Paris. Did you know that there is a rue Vercingétorix on the border between the 14th and 15th arrondissements? Or that the massive office complexes in Paris' business center La Défense often have deceptively poetic names: l'Iris, Les Mirroirs, Elysées?

I stared at the map as if I were trying to figure out some complex itinerary when in fact I was five minutes by foot from home.

I'm far from holding my breath on the outcome.

But hey, if by some wild chance it works out, it would be one hell of a nice commute.


Isabelle said...

So you are looking for a job closer to home?

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

It's kind of a combination of looking for a shorter commute and a project with a pulse. My new project is utterly uninteresting, and it is seriously getting me down.