Monday, May 19, 2008

Vive les vacances

As of today I am officially on vacation.

An administrative mix-up meant I had to take off or lose two weeks of vacation in May, and since we have to pay the nanny full-time whether she's looking after le Petit or not, I decided heck, moms need breaks, too! So this week, le Petit stays with la nounou and I get some time to myself.

Unfortunately, I'll be spending most of this time taking care of various and sundry administrative items, including:

1) Arranging to fix the window we broke in The Great Babyproofing Misadventure
2) Finding a translator for my American drivers license
3) Applying for le Petit's French passport
4) Buying tickets for our first family trip back home to Seattle
5) Hemming pants and resewing buttons
6) Ordering prescription sunglasses
7) Dusting
8) Thoroughly cleaning the kitchen

Yes, my Parisian life is nothing short of glamorous.

I will be doing a few fun things too, of course. I'm looking forward to:

1) Going to the BHV this afternoon
2) Having lunch with my husband in a fancy restaurant without having to stoop to pick up toys from the floor
3) Finishing the weaving project that has been languishing on the loom
4) Buying myself some elegant make-up at Printemps
5) Going out for a run, and taking a nice, long bath afterwards
6) Catching up on the six month backlog in le Petit's baby album
7) Writing a blog post every day

Of course, I only have four days off, as Wednesday is Le Petit Day, just as it is every week. But well-rested and relaxed, I think I'll have the energy to make that day more fun for both of us. If the weather is nice, maybe we'll go for a picnic.

Next week we're off to the Gers, and I'll take the computer and try for once to write an interesting description of my travels.

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