Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Translator needed

Le Petit takes after me. And my husband. And just about anyone in the family, in that he has a whole lot to say.

Good mornings start with babbling over the baby monitor, usually a sleepy "da da da da daaaa." When he's more awake, he'll start a chorus of "tika tika tika tika," and when he's ready to get up and take on the world, he'll stand up in his crib and hum scales as he jumps and down on the mattress. (Bad mornings start with crying at six or seven o'clock, but never mind that.)

His vocalizations are more and more complex, but still don't approach anything comprehensible to any of us mere adults.

He does repeat one phrase, randomly and often dreamily, that I hear as a French "c'est quoi ça?" ("What's that?") and my in-laws hear as an English "My goodness!" We all repeat back what we think we hear, pronounced poorly, which probably adds to le Petit's confusion.

"Doesn't anyone around here speak Baby?" he must ask, then sticks to shrieking when he really wants to be understood.

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