Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bag Lady Part II

My husband bought a giant new backpack over the weekend.

And yesterday, I finally talked myself into running at work over lunch for the first time since the end of my maternity leave. I decided the only way I could get my running gear, shoes, towel, and my breast milk cooler to work in the RER commuter train was to stuff it all into the backpack and go.

I already carry a hip-looking but enormous suede satchel of a purse, so I knew balancing it all on my lap would be challenging. No matter. I was determined.

Loaded up, I looked like I was ready to trek across the Pyrenees. The top of the pack reached well over my shoulders, completing my chic look.

The RER platform was crowded five deep when I arrived, and after waiting for all before me to push through, I just barely found space to jump into the train before the doors closed. I stood in unstable equilibrium holding my backpack against my knees and my book tucked under my arm.

Which book, you ask? Roads to Santiago by Cees Nooteboom. Those commuters who looked at me closely must have scratched their heads, wondering if I would be headed to Compostela after my lunch break. A parisienne starting off on the Pilgrims Way with less-than-sensible shoes.

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