Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Learning curve

Even at nine months I find myself getting all nostalgic. I've already forgotten how hard it was when le Petit was born, or only remember it in the same sort of imprecise and impersonal way that you remember the plot of a movie you saw a very long time ago.

While talking to my husband last night, I reflected on all that le Petit has taught us about parenting. We've learned to follow his lead and trust our instincts. When I'm honest with myself I still recall that he once seemed incomprehensible and demanding enough to drive me to tears many times a day, but now we've reached a joyful symbiosis. It's something I'd like to think that even toddlerhood or adolescence will not fundamentally shake, and if I'm naive, I'd prefer not to know just yet.

I started waxing poetic about the rightness of it all and how each child is destined to teach their parents important things about themselves. I started in on some wild theory of reincarnation, that perhaps our souls were fated to wind up together in this family this time around.

"You see, it's all for a reason, and there are lessons that only le Petit could teach us," I insisted, forgetting that I'm normally too rational for such runaway trains of thought. "When I think of all that we have learned in the past nine months. . . don't you think?"

"Uh-huh." My husband barely looked up from the stove. "Like me, I've learned to cook."

To which, in this life at least, I had no response but chuckling admiration.


meera said...

your post today is rather timely - i've been having similar 'runaway trains of thought'.
i remember having lunch with an old friend two years ago and inwardly rolling my eyes when she said that her six month old daughter had made her a better person. and yet these days i am constantly thinking a version of the same thing... and i'm amazed at how much motherhood seems to agree with me.

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

That's exactly how I feel -- that motherhood has made me a better person. A lot less selfish, and a lot happier!