Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keep on talking, I'm listening

Now that le Petit is old enough to visibly ignore our instructions, simple though they may be ("No, don't eat Daddy's shoes!" "No, do not stand up in your high chair!") and dismiss our helpful suggestions of alternative activities ("Why don't you chew on your rattle instead of the book?" "Come on out into the living room, it is so much more interesting than the kitchen!") I've learned some new French vocabulary.

Cause toujours, tu m'intéresses.

Translated, it means something like a sarcastic, "keep on talking, I'm listening." Yeah right. Roll eyes. Sure, what-EVER.

So when grandma tries for the nth time to keep the little guy from disassembling a pile of magazines, she gives up and tosses him a "cause toujours, tu m'intéresses" with a laugh.

If only someone had taught me this useful phrase back when I was a teenager.

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