Thursday, April 24, 2008


I knew it would happen sooner or later, and sure enough, it happened yesterday: the first Bad Sleep Night on a work night. Le Petit woke up at quarter to midnight, fifteen minutes after I fell asleep. I was philosophical about it, and even enjoyed nursing and cuddling him in a rare moment of calm with my now constantly-in-motion baby.

And, I figured, the wake up of the night was over, so I snuggled back into bed sure I'd be able to sleep until morning.

But no. He woke us up at quarter to five and stayed awake until 6:15-ish. My husband, bless him, took a long shift as la java du petit matin stretched up to a mere thirty minutes before I was supposed to be getting up for work.

I missed the alarm (or subconsciously and deliberately failed to notice that I hit the snooze button a second after my husband turned it off) and slept until ten to eight.

Late, grumpy, and with a tired ache behind my eyes, I noticed as I dashed for the Métro that sleep deprivation had made my vision blurry.

It took me an embarrassingly long moment to figure out that I had run out the door and forgotten my glasses.

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