Thursday, April 03, 2008


One thing you learn about quickly as a parent is the importance of a bedtime ritual.

In our house, le Petit's bedtime ritual is:

1) Bath time, with Mommy's famous rendition of the 'Rubber Ducky Song'
2) Drying off and dressing for bed
3) A good and tiring calisthenics session of chasing toys around the floor of the bedroom
4) Bundling up in the sleeping bag
5) A final inspection of the bird mobile above the crib and the stars on the night light
6) Story time with Mommy
7) Last cuddle with Daddy
8) Nursing, with Mommy's comforting how-much-we-all-love-you monologue
9) (With a little luck) Sleep

It works pretty well at the moment.

Upstairs, our neighbors have three children all older than le Petit. Their bedtime hits right about when I'm settled in nursing le Petit in the recliner. It evidently consists of:

1) A stampede
2) A fed-up Maman screaming, "All right, that's enough, do you know what time it is?"
3) Family bowling night
4) Numerous flushings of the toilet
5) Sudden calm, and I assume, sleep

The ritual repeats in reverse at 7:30 each morning as I lie awake, hoping our little one will continue to sleep though it.

Oh, what I never noticed about my neighbors before the baby came along.

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