Monday, March 03, 2008

Child's play

I've spent 18 euros for a fabric covered foam ball. I've spent 25 euros for a German-made wooden pyramid, with beads, elves, and flowers that spin and rattle. Only the best for this kid. Who cares if we have no money left for his college education?

And yet, what has captured his attention longer than anything else this morning is a half-empty 1.5 liter bottle of Volvic mineral water, which he knocked off the table onto the floor all by himself.


Inki said...

Haha, our little one loves playing with an empty 1.5 liter juicebox at the breakfast table, I guess it's universal!

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

After all, it sloshes and makes noise, what fun!

Paper bags are another big hit at our house. And I think he'd be totally into playing with our shoes if we'd only let him.