Friday, February 01, 2008

Off to Alsace

We're leaving tomorrow for our first vacation completely on our own with le Petit, a week in a small village near Strasbourg, in Alsace. It will be low key. We're planning to do some hiking if the weather permits, to visit local landmarks and churches, and to make a short excursion to Germany for some shopping. (I love shopping in Germany, especially now that I have an excuse to bring home German-made wooden toys.) We're renting a house where we can set up our nest and do our own cooking. Le Petit may get to see his first snow.

We have five hours of car to get there, and I'm hoping le Petit will remain patient. The car is definitely not his favorite place to be, and loud crying fits are still typical. I'll be in the back seat next to him, armed with a bag of toys and all the silly songs I can think of in two languages. Wish me luck. I should be back online a week from Sunday, and I promise I'll bring pictures.

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