Saturday, January 05, 2008


Ca y est, le Petit and I are now all bundled up for the rest of the winter. I did splurge, not on the Mamajacket, but on its sister product, the Mamaponcho. The Mamajacket ended up being oddly sized for me and was not nearly as cute in real life as it is on the web. The Mamaponcho, however, is adorable; close-fitting enough to be feminine, and knit in a high-quality wool that is both soft and warm. It just so happened that the only model the boutique had was just my size and in claret, my favorite clothing color, so there was no way I could resist.

Now, we'll have to spend a whole lot of time outdoors in the next few months to justify the expense, but that is hardly a problem for me. I'm happy that now le Petit will largely be spared the winter jacket he's grown to hate. Instead of being stuffed into a heavy quilted parka that suspends his arms out like a scarecrow, he'll be able to snuggle as he likes next to Mommy. Much better.

If you're in Paris and looking for cute, bobo-certified baby supplies, check out Natbé.

It's past my bedtime so I'm signing off for now, but stay tuned for an update on the Great Nanny Search.


Mom in France said...

The poncho is definitely one of the cuter things like that I've seen. Although I'm biased because I love the comfort of a nice poncho & own a couple of cute ones (eric bompard & max mara). To have one for baby too is great!

For my airport travel I bought the ergo carrier partially based on your enthusiasm and have to say that it didn't disappoint! We rushed through 4 airports with two plane changes and it was great! Boo has outgrown the babybjorn and I was so happy not to be hauling a stroller through the airport along with everything else.

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

MiF - Glad you like the Ergo! It is so much easier on the back than the Bjorn when they get bigger, isn't it? I was beginning to despair because le Petit still isn't keen on the stroller, but I'm since we got the Ergo, I rarely try anything else.

We've been out twice with the poncho and I love it!

We're contemplating a trip to Seattle over the summer. I'm honestly dreading it, the expense, the hassle, and especially the time difference -- I don't know how le Petit will do with a nine hour change. He'll be a year old, so perhaps it won't be so bad...

amphitecna said...

I'm seeing this 2 years (or so) on...How did you end up liking the poncho in the winter, do you remember? Was it warm enough? My husband and I very recently moved to the environs of Brest, and are expecting #2 in Nov. I worry about the cold Atlantic air that's sure to pummel us!

Incidentally, my husband and I met while we were both living in Seattle. What a nice place. We miss it, but I know he's happy to be finally back in France.

Nice to meet you!