Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Le Petit is all about learning to crawl. "Must... go... forward...!" he's saying to the world. I think he suspects the world is laughing back at him.

He's mastered getting up on his hands and knees, but what comes next is still somewhat of a mystery. At the moment, he either flattens out his legs behind him or drops his forehead to the floor, thus approximating yoga's upward-facing dog and downward-facing dog positions. He may learn lotus before he learns to walk.

Alas, all this does not mean he's found some sort of zen. Learning to crawl is not fun for him. It's an obsession, and it's eating at him day and night. Like the annoying colleague who talks of nothing but his golf game or kitchen remodel, he is stuck on the subject and it comes up in every possible context. Playpen time? Time to try and crawl. Crib time? Crawl. Story time? Time to wriggle and squirm off Mommy's lap and attempt to crawl on the couch. He flips over and tries to crawl off the changing table, turning diaper changes into wrestling matches we, his poor parents, seem destined to lose. When le Petit wakes up in the middle of the night I find him on all fours, head pushed up against the crib bars, crying in frustration.

All this plus teething, a growth spurt and the accompanying appetite boost makes for a very cranky baby and a very tired mom. The apartment is filled with half-finished projects that I got five or ten minutes into before rescuing a crying le Petit. I've started genuinely looking forward to a partial return to work.

But oh, how I don't want to miss the day that he finally gets it, and figures out how to put one hand and one foot in front of the other and move. I want to see him finally take off, and offer him a "hooray, kid, there's no stopping you now!"


Mom in France said...

yay! Boo is a bit of a late crawler and I've been able to watch each step of progress. I really have begun to appreciate how much they have to learn and how complicated is the movement of crawling. He mostly pushes himself forward on his belly (not on all fours), and he can turn and go backwards. Just yesterday he seemed to master getting on his hands and knees (cat pose) but couldn't move. For movement, he prefers the walker!

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

I've heard that often the late crawlers kind of skip that step and go straight to walking, whereas those that "got" crawling early on sometimes don't bother learning to walk for some time. I've been kind of trying to put myself in his place and think about it, and I've concluded that it is pretty amazing that they figure it out at all. The worst part is trying to keep your balance with one hand in the air.