Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Definition du jour

While flipping through the Petit Larousse 2000 I came across this delicious definition:
SAINT-GLINGLIN (A LA) loc. adv. Fam. A une date indeterminée ; à un moment qui n'arrivera jamais.

My attempt at a translation:
SAINT GLINGLIN'S DAY (ON) Slang. At an undetermined date in the future; a moment that will never come.

How many times have I heard my husband say this, never knowing that it had been officially sanctioned by the Larousse as vrai français.

A la Saint-Glinglin is about when I'm expecting my ISP's terrible service to improve. Or le Petit to start taking regular naps. So, on that mythical date, what are you waiting for?

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