Thursday, January 31, 2008

Citron à la parisienne

Mom in France recently posted a beautiful photo of her mandarin and lemon harvest in Nice. Well, folks, here is the Parisian version:

Pathetic as our citronnier looks, we did get a few lemons earlier this year. Sometimes it even seems to have more lemons than leaves, but as you can see, that isn't difficult. Most fall off before they reach maturity. Yet our poor little tree is determined to hang on. Perhaps like so many other Parisian transplants, it is dreaming of a nice retirement at a house in the country somewhere?

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Mom in France said...

Thanks for complimenting my picture!

Don't fret about your tree. They often look a bit scraggly. Ours go through phases like that. A little springtime sun and fertilizer will put back in shape. Any anyway, as long as its producing lemons who cares?