Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I think I've found what I really want for Christmas. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it may just be the perfect jacket for me and le Petit: the Mamajacket. It's cute and, unlike other babywearing coats and ponchos, it might not actually make me look like a walking lampshade. And it looks pretty classy from the pictures: charcoal grey heather lambswool and cashmere, I could even stroll down the Faubourg St Honoré without feeling too silly. It can even be used as a normal coat when le Petit outgrows being carried around.

Yet it's as expensive as any wool winter jacket and my husband will think I've lost my mind if I mention I want to buy it.

So... what do I do, do I try and sneak out to the one boutique in Paris that sells it this weekend and decide for myself?


oft-mentioned mama friend said...

I got an Ergo Papoose coat
Mine looks utilitarian. The one you're looking at is fabu! Does that babywearing panel zip out for later conversion to mama-only? Are you running to the boutique yet? Get it! Duh!

Ok, there's a whole conversation about why, as women, we don't want to look like lampshades, but really, if you CAN look cute and have life be a little easier, why pick lawn tent??

Meika said...

OH yeah. Totally sneak out. I mean, you have to at least check it out, right? It's not even buying, it's just looking. It'll lend more weight to your argument when you KNOW it's perfect. :)

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Okay, you all have convinced me. Now to find the time to sneak out tomorrow... I ended up with babysitting duty while my husband went Christmas shopping today. He came back with a case of wine for himself, and in my book, his splurge justifies mine!

The front panel does zip out for mama-only (they have some cute pictures of this at, and heck, it's still a lambswool/cashmere blend coat and undoubtedly better than my some-wool-some-something-else-that-pills-terribly Benetton coat I'm wearing at the moment.

Squidly said...

I DO hope you end up with the coat. I'm not much for that style collar(and it does seem like a lot of money with the weak dollar) but I'm all for babywearing and cashmere. Blends aren't my first choice but when it's your only option....