Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Thirty-one is fairly anticlimactic, but no matter. My husband and I celebrated last night, and I opened up a mountain of presents. Chocolate, a lemon and honey gift box from l'Occitane, and a big ol' pile of books from him. What more could a girl want? So I may actually be able to update my "currently reading" list soon.

This afternoon we're going to my in-laws for a Sunday lunch birthday celebration. My mother-in-law is making her homemade foie gras, doused with Cognac and slowly cooked to a velvety mi-cuit. Yeah, I know, you're jealous -- especially since it may soon be illegal where you live.

And my dad gave me a fancy-dancy umbrella to replace the one he gave me in college that I managed to hold onto for an unprecedented seven years before losing, probably in the Paris Métro. I was heartbroken, so I'm going to look after this new one better. Thanks, Dad.

I think of all that thirty-one years of life has given me: a husband who understands me better than anyone else, a beautiful son who gives me so much joy, a home in a country I love. I feel pretty darn lucky. Even without the chocolate.


Mom in France said...

Hey, Happy Birthday PmP! I have a christmas birthday, too, in January. Did you have a lifetime of combined gifts? I think it's nice that you & your family took the time to celebrate. I know for me that when mid-Jan rolls around the last thing people want to do is have a party (me included!). Usually my husband and I go out to fancy lunch.

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Thank you! I hated having a Christmas birthday when I was a kid because not only did I get combined presents, but I had to wait a WHOLE YEAR before I got more. Now I don't mind because, since my birthday is before Christmas, everyone is in a mood to celebrate and it feels particularly festive. But if my birthday were in January I definitely wouldn't feel the same way... man, with the marathon feasting that defines the holidays in my belle famille, I barely make it to New Years with any enthusiasm.

Luxey said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! You are not alone -- I have a friend whose birthday is Dec. 18 married to a guy whose birthday is Dec. 17.