Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hippie Baby Sling Part II

If a few months of experience qualifies me to say anything, I'll say this:

I'm beginning to suspect that the keys to parenting a small child are Patience, Persistence, and Distraction.

File this under "Persistence:" le Petit has decided to accept the famous hippie baby sling that he was so reluctant to commit to earlier. He's now so businesslike about nursing that being curled up his head next to my breast no longer distracts him. He'll just peer up at me trustingly, perhaps fuss a tiny bit, then fall asleep after fifteen minutes or so of my pacing the apartment.

Of course, the catch is that I have to keep pacing for some time to be sure he's really asleep, then sit down very carefully and be prepared to jump back up and start pacing again if he starts stirring.

I'm not sure it's really any easier on my back than the Bjorn, but he's so darn cute curled up against my tummy, it's worth it.

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