Friday, October 12, 2007

Three months

I have approximately seven minutes to post a quick note in celebration of le Petit's three month birthday. Hooray! He's asleep now, sleeping off the two shots he got today at the pediatrician's office. Alas for him, but he's still too little for celebratory champagne. I'm breastfeeding, so no champagne for me either, but I'm still giddy.

Here's to you, little guy.

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Mom in France said...

Hey, congratulations! I remember the 3 month birthday as a kind of turning point. I (finally) feeling like I was getting the hang of this mom gig. I had adjusted to my new perspective on time (the NOW taking up most of my consciousness), and Boo and I definitely found a groove. Funny, though, that 3-month mark, now almost 4 months gone, seems like forever ago. Remember when 3 months wasn't a long time?