Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hello, helloooooo?

I'm having one heck of a good time writing this blog. Some days a new post has been my biggest accomplishment, after changing ten diapers. I wonder, however, am I talking to myself? I feel like le Petit cooing his "arreughs" in the corner of his crib: I'm not sure I have an audience, but I'm amusing myself anyway.

Still, I'm curious just who, if anyone, is reading this... and some days I'm afraid there's really no one out there. So please, please, please drop me a line at my new e-mail address. Whether I know who you are or not; whether you're a complete stranger, a friend from college, or my mom.

The address is parisiennemaispresque (at) gmail (dot-com). (Encoded, naturally, to avoid getting spam at this brand spanking new address I just signed up for today.)

You'll make my day, honest.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading! I'm enjoying your blog a lot, being a new mom myself!

Anonymous said...

Someone who shall remain nameless (ahem, me) has been quite remiss in reading your blog lately. However - I do read, and enjoy what you write!

~ Aub

The Trusted Friend said...

I read it when I remember... maybe every couple of months! I feel up to date though... from the phone calls.

You know, I'm just an old phone gal at heart.