Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Birthday

My blog turns one year old today.

I can't remember exactly what was remarkable about Wednesday, October 4th of last year, but it must have seemed a pretty good day to start a blog. Fall is my favorite season; it's always a good time for starting new things, embarking on new adventures. Back to school. Motherhood.

A week or so after I started writing, le Petit was on his way, though we wouldn't know for a good month. It's funny to think that that tiny tadpole of a being is now almost five kilos, and quite capable of making his presence known throughout the neighborhood.

Le Petit managed to flip over from his back to his stomach today. He's been pulling himself onto his side for a couple of weeks now, and I think that the 180 was more the result of gravity than a concerted effort on his part. I'd left him in his crib while I was in the kitchen sorting laundry when all of a sudden I heard not just crying but serious howling, so I ran in and found him belly down, neck extended, arms flexed, and madder than hell.

I'm hoping he won't accidently flip over tonight, since it's not only safer for him to sleep on his back, but I suspect waking up on his tum may be for him the equivalent of waking up after a night of partying with a really bad hangover.

He's asleep now, and I should be myself, but I couldn't miss the chance to write an anniversary blog entry. Here's to another year!

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