Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Un vrai petit américain

It's official: le Petit is now a Yankee. I explained to him that this means that he's an American and NOT that he's a fan of that New York baseball team I won't mention: I lived in Boston too long to let him get confused.

Yesterday we got his passport photos taken. There are only a few studios in Paris that will take American-format photos, but I found one within walking distance of our apartment. It was still a bit of a hike to get there, but le Petit was in a good mood. He remained calm, happy, and awake up until five minutes before we arrived, when he calmly fell asleep without a fuss.

I then, of course, had to wake him up for the photo. When the photographer saw us arrive, he was skeptical that he'd be able to take a decent photo. "How old? Two months? It won't work. He'll need to have his eyes open and his head straight. And, of course we'll need a white background." Luckily I'd brought along a white pillowcase to drape across my lap as I held him up. After four or five tries, the photographer had a decent shot, which I find positively adorable. I think le Petit already looks like a serious and seasoned traveler.

This morning we had a nine o'clock appointment at the American Embassy to turn in all of the paperwork. Once more I had to wake up le Petit from a sound and happy sleep, this time at seven-thirty this morning. Despite that, he was patient with us as we took him through two security checkpoints and into a classically American, Department-of-Motor-Vehicles-style waiting room.

Two interviews and 140-odd dollars later he's all signed up to receive his very own Consular Report of Birth Abroad, Social Security Number, and American passport. He also was given a little American flag by the vice consul himself, which I promptly stuck onto the back of the stroller.

Un vrai petit américain indeed. I'm going to start teaching him to sing Yankee Doodle Dandy.


Inki said...

You got a flag? We didn't get that when we got our little girl her American documents at the Norwegian embassy :-(
By the way, we used epassportphoto.com which allowed us to take the picture at home (after about 20 tries, we had one we could use), print out 6 pictures to a 4x6 photo paper, and take with us to the embassy. It was cheaper than a photographer, and we got some good pictures in the process!

Inki said...

The American embassy in Norway, not the Norwegian embassy... ah well!

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Cool, someone living in Norway is reading my blog! Epassportphoto.com... I'll definitely have to try that next time. The picture we ended up with is adorable, he looks so serious and adult but with this bald, baby face.

Have you gone back to the US yet? I'm dreading traveling transatlantic with le Petit, but we'll probably be headed back in the fall.