Sunday, September 23, 2007

Les coquettes qui allaitent

I found a web site I simply love:, a French nursing wear merchant. Most or all of their items are American, I think, but they bring a particular French touch to the concept: they stress that you can breastfeed your child and still be stylish, chic, coquette, and they explain precisely how to do it.

After two months of wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts, this was exactly what I needed. I bought the top cache-coeur and the robe flamenco, both in black, plus a nursing bra that doesn't actually look like a nursing bra. I particularly appreciated all of their hints for choosing a flattering fit for different post-maternity curves, with very specific dos and don'ts. It turns out that the top and the dress are so comfortable and flattering I'll likely wear both of them long after I've finished nursing.

I also bought le Petit an outfit that announces proudly that he drinks his milk at the source. Never too early to vaunt that you're un vrai gastronome.

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